Sex Bathrooms Persuasive Speech

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Since we were little, girls and boys were always told to go to different gender bathrooms. The girl's door had a bright pink stick figure with a skirt, and the boys would have a blue stick figure on their doors. These pictures will point us to which bathroom to go to depending on our sex. As a former child, I always wondered why I couldn’t enter the boys' room. I would ask my mom this question, but she would just respond with “you aren’t a boy.” I always thought, “why does it matter, shouldn’t it be fine for both genders to use the same bathroom?” This tradition has been followed for years-until now. It’s the twenty-first century, and much has changed. Legislatures have introduced the bathroom bill which will make single stalled bathrooms gender neutral. Although some argue single stalled gender-neutral bathrooms will jeopardize the normality, I would pass this bill because it will welcome the LGBTQ+ community, benefit caregivers and help lower the debt. Recently the LGBTQ+ community is starting to come out and are finally being accepted into society. However, It is wrong to support a tradition that won’t make them feel safe. Life as a trans is very difficult. Walking into the women's bathroom doesn’t seem quite right. So, they use the men's bathroom, but that doesn’t feel quite right either. So, what does one do in this situation? It’s a risk one has to take to be able to walk into either bathroom as a trans and in the end, they face tons of judgment. “I’m constantly

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