Sex In Brave New World Essay

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Aldous Huxley, in the novel “Brave New World”, shows the different ways people deal with sex and love. The sexual activities and reproduction of the people are controlled by the World State. Aldous Huxley tries to describe and create the future as an utopian society where he warns human of the dangers of technology advantage. People in Brave New World are basically controlled and created by science. Huxley bases himself on Henry Ford’s principle of mass production and he applies this principle to the creation of human beings. In this novel, Huxley contrasts the roles of men and women, where men are seen as powerful figures and women are only sex objects.
As the people in World State get older, sex is seen an act of release, some type of entertainment, in contradiction to us, this is not an act of procreation to them. In some of the ceremonies at Feelies they use sex to make people happy. There is no relationship between sex and love in this novel. The relationships in World State no longer involve just two people, they involve a big group of people. This reflects our society and warms us that we shouldn’t forget romantic relationships and emotions in our life.

Most women in World State are sterilized. The way of creating
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Women are not viewed as motherly figures or even creators of life, but only as sex objects. On the other hand, the role of men is to be in charge. Males hold the power and authority in work positions and governing the state. Every person in charge is male. The only time woman seem to be equal to men is in sexual relations, because each sex is able to interact freely between one another, and each is supposed to find as many sexual partners as possible. Maybe Huxley creates these two different roles in order to satirize the early twentieth century society, a time where flappers emerged, many women were just starting to be educated, and many did not work out of the
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