Sex Is Not The Only Human Behavior

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In the marketing industry it is widely known that sex sells, however many see sex as an act of deviance. Deviance does not mean that something is necessarily illegal but rather it means that the act strays from normal social behavior. For most people that see sex as a deviant behavior they feel this way because sex does sometimes involve activities that are illegal. The illegal sexual activity that I will be focusing on in this research paper will be prostitution. Sex is not the only human behavior that can be seen has deviant, there are many other activities such as alcohol/drug abuse, violence, and even mental disorders that may all be categorized as deviant. In the case of a broader and more general definition, a person can be deviant …show more content…

According to the textbook Deviant Behavior, “the so-called intrinsically deviant characteristics do not come from the behavior itself; they come instead from some people’s minds. To put it simply, an act appears deviant only because some people think it so. Deviance, then, is a mental construct (an idea, thought, or image) expressed in the form of a label. Deviance, in other words, is socially constructed, defined as such by society” (Taylor 2013). This means that based on ones beliefs and values definitions of deviant behaviors would change. Everyone has a different opinion on situations and events so therefore one situation may be consider deviant to a person while to another it may be a normal social behavior.
The one form of sexual deviance that will be my focal point in this paper is going to be prostitution and a few other sexual deviant activities associated with prostitution. Prostitution has many positive and negative affects on society, depending on the way a person may look at it and analyze it. Prostitution which is the sale of sexual services of oneself or another for money or goods, is defined as a crime and a deviant behavior in the United States. “Prostitution law varies widely from country to country, and between jurisdictions within a country. Prostitution or sex work is legal in some parts of the world and regarded as a profession, while in other parts it is a crime punishable by death” (ProConorg). Although prostitution is

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