Sex Is While Some Take Sex

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Many wonder what sex is while some take sex to an extreme. So let’s start with defining sex. “people define “Sex” in different ways. It can include vaginal, oral, and anal sex.” (Source 1) There are many different ideas of about what sex can be such as Vaginal – penis in vagina intercourse, Oral sex – mouth to genital contact, Anal Sex - penis in anus intercourse, fingering or handjob – hand to genital contact, and masturbation. Most people are more fond of Vaginal intercourse than any of the other types. Now everyone knows the simple positions for vaginal intercourse, but what about some of the complex ones. The more complex ones will get you more aroused but the male will go off quicker though. Some examples are: the waterfall, the hot seat, spin cycle, stairway to heaven, and the pretzel. (Source 5)
Just like you rely on gestures and surprises in romance, you need to help the excitement alive in bed, too. Just as sex can become predictable so can foreplay. So here are a few ideas to spice things up: try things outside the bedroom, sext each other, learn to kiss more passionately, slow down explore each other’s body, and dirty talk to each other. (source 3)
Simple vaginal intercourse is sometimes enough for people but for others not so much. Many people like Rough sex and prefer it over regular sex. Someone may ask well, What is Rough Sex? “Rough Sex is the type of sex where you involve pain in the sexual act, to increase sexual pleasure!” (Source 2) It is a sexual release…

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