Sex Relationships And Relationships Between Children And Men As The Victims Of Intimate Partner Abuse Essay

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While it is possible for men and women to be victims of intimate partner abuse, the vast majority of the available research focuses on women as the victims and men as the aggressors. The challenge is that in identifying the many variables and results of abusive relationships, the data can be skewed to favor one gender over another, and there needs to be more study into same-sex relationships and partner abuse and heterosexual relationships where the female is the aggressor and the male is the victim. With that said, there is much that is currently being done for those who are in abusive relationships, with perhaps the most important task being preventing relationship violence (Hays et al., 2015). Introducing programs across the country that are specifically for students can help reduce the incidence of domestic violence and identify those who are at risk for entering into an abusive relationship (Hays et al., 2015).
Current trends in domestic violence Currently group therapy and getting the victim into a safe house are the most used tools to help the victims of abusive relationships but this one size fits all model is not universally successful in prevention and treatment (Lothstein, 2015; Nicholas, 2013). Group sessions have been shown to be extremely effective in increasing knowledge and awareness of all types of relationship violence while increasing the opportunity to have conversations on such topics in many settings (Hays et al., 2015). For as effective as therapy

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