Sex Therapy New Zealand Case Study

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Brief Sex Therapy New Zealand is a division of STNZ 2010 Limited, founded by clinical psychologists as a response to the rising concerns regarding the lack of reporting from clients in regard to sexual issues; and the lack of resources and knowledge available to clinicians (Sex Therapy New Zealand, 2007). The organisation aims to provide a holistic approach for their clients and to educate them on how the sexual response cycle occurs in the body; and how external factors such as ageing, injury, illness or medication can impact their sexual response. Sex Therapy New Zealand (2007) also aims to provide clients with skills to achieve intimacy within relationships, as well as work with clients that exhibit pathological paraphilias which cause …show more content…

Marketing companies jumped at the chance to take advantage of Fifty Shades of Grey themed sex toys and accessories, aimed at people to explore their ‘kinky side’ (Pillai-Friedman et al, 2015), therefore, aspects of BDSM were becoming introduced to heteronormative popular culture (Morgan, 2013) My aim through this review is to identify what BDSM is, how the diversity of the community is so important to acknowledge; emphasised the importance of consent in BDSM; the medicalisation of certain BDSM genres; and finally, how BDSM could be therapeutic for some in this community. What is BDSM? BDSM practice is bondage and discipline; dominance and submission; and sadism and masochism, in a safe and consensual manner (Pillai-Friedman et al, 2015). Hamer (2016) described bondage as physical restraint with materials such as rope, or equipment such as handcuffs to confine the submissive participant. The discipline Hamer (2016) explained, was the psychological restraint or punishment of the submissive if they disobeyed their dominant partner. Dominance and submission as a form of mutually consented power exchange between all participants involved; Hamer (2016) suggested both the dominant and submissive parties had as much control as each other during play however, this varied in the extent

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