Sex Trafficking, Prostitution, And Prostitution

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Although many believe that slavery was abolished many years ago, it is actually a part of an organized crime that is growing faster than any other. It a deceitful process that tricks many people, mostly women, into believing that they will be safe and secure. It has quite the opposite effects. The form of slavery that is being referred to here is sex trafficking. It is all around the world. Many do not realize that it is happening in their own community. It is happening right here in Saginaw, Michigan. It is categorized with prostitution, but prostitution alone is more of a choice and sex trafficking is forced prostitution. Although the women and men involved are called prostitutes, they are not doing it to make money for themselves. They are forced to do it through their pimps which are the individuals in charge of the prostitution business. Forced sex slavery is in correlation with physical, mental, and emotional abuse. What if prostitution was legal? A woman would be able to be a prostitute if she wanted. She could do whatever she wants with her body without the consequence of being arrested. Although, it would be harder to identify if the woman was doing it because she wanted to or doing it because she was forced by a sex trafficker. Would prostitution legalization affect the amount of sex trafficking that is already occurring? If people are educated on sex trafficking and what the signs of it are, we may be able to help those in need. It can also be
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