Sex Trafficking Research Paper

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Sunitha Krishnan, a woman who was gang raped by 8 men, is the co-founder of Prajwala (“Eternal Flame”). Prajwala is a non-governmental organization that saves and helps sex trafficked victims rebuild themselves and reintegrate them back into the world. This organization is in the capital of southern India’s Telangana state, where there are multiple schools that help victims prepare for their new fulfilled futures. She devoted herself to rescuing both women and children from “the worst form of human rights violation (Ted talk 0:14),” sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is happening in the deepest corners of the world. It is a multimillion-dollar global market where people can purchase another human being for whatever reason they choose. She states …show more content…

One of the ways is a speech shown through a video like Ted Talks. Ted talks are devoted to spreading both new and old ideas in the form of a short, powerful talk. They also cover almost all topics, ranging from science to business to global issues and have over 100 different languages in subtitles. Using Ted Talk as Krishnan’s medium widens her audience by a large amount. Simply providing a twelve minute speech can reach people all over the globe, not restricting to an audience only in the United States. Also, using a video as a medium, this site gives a member of the audience an opportunity to “share this idea” through Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and anybody can download it. She is also able to connect with her viewers, like “Thank you all, for all the support. It is extremely strengthening (personal profile of Sunitha).” Having instant accessibility to her supporters gives her the advantage of making personal connections with the audience. She can effectively raise her voice while connecting with her viewers all over the world by video and utilizing the Ted Talk …show more content…

So far, there are 2,358,308 total views of this video, and now there are that many people in the world that know about sex trafficking and her stories. By using Ted Talk, Krishnan was able to share four powerful, moving stories by using both pathos and ethos. She was able to provide an exquisite amount of examples and her choice of words were able to form images and connections within the listener. By providing pathos, ethos and a useful medium that can be shared virtually, it can solidify any type of local/global

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