Sexism And Its Effect On Society

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Sexism in the society Sexism is a situation when people hold a belief which supports discrimination against one gender. It is the prejudice held by people who believe that one gender is superior to the other. In some cases, people have a belief that women are not able to fit in certain careers and perform well in certain subjects. Sexism manifests itself in different ways. To illustrate, women in some communities are refrained from politics, military jobs, mathematics, and engineering careers, among others. For those who get into these careers, they are also treated with less concern and often given lower responsibilities in the view that they will not perform as per the expectations. This belief affects the way people treat each other …show more content…

This has necessitated their liberation for them to contribute fully to the national development. The Combahee River Collective statement explores the societal view of sexism using the gender, class and race lenses. It notes the need for a progressive society that judges women on their ability to participate in national development regardless of their race and class.
The sexism views are further expounded by Clarke in her article Lesbianism: An act of resistance. In concurrence with the Combahee River Collective, Clarke notes that women are generally oppressed in most of the societies purely on the gender grounds. The article, "Lesbian: Act of Resistance" notes that sexism is largely propagated by the whites that work negatively for them. It hinders them from achieving their full potential and inputs in national development. Clarke notes that most societies view women as men properties, their servants and sexual tools. The relationship appears more of that of slave and master and it leads to women oppression. Racism and sexism theme is well expounded in this text. The paper calls for a concerted effort among different players make sure that women are uplifted and given the right chances and platforms to maximize their potential. Further, the author establishes that sexism should had been viewed as a natural quality that women are born with as opposed to grouping them as a weak institution.
In order to understand the effects of sexism in the society, it

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