Sexism In The Color Purple

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The Color Purple has won many awards including, The American Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. The book explores the maltreatment, hysteria and loyalties of black women throughout the mid-1900s through the early twentieth century. Walker focuses on how change throughout time periods can affect the black women of society. Most of the characters live life of ignorance, completely unaware of what is occurring outside their own small neighborhood.They are greatly oblivious of the larger social and political issues going on in the world. Although separated from society, the women are able to work through issues of sexism, violence and racism among the group to accomplish equality. The Color Purple is the life story of a former slave …show more content…

Celie writes to God throughout much of the novel, but she writes out of despair, not hope. Celie feels as though she needs to believe in God because that is what society tells her. Shug helps Celie in realizing that God is real and he came be seen in nature and within self. She sees that she never really noticed the things that God has made“a blade of corn, the color purple, little wildflowers.”(179) Now that she believes she comes to the realization that salvation comes from developing the self and by celebrating everything that exists. Celie realizes that joy will soon come to her and she learns to celebrate life’s pleasures, including the color purple.She is finally starting to find herself at this moment. This part of Celie’s journey is so important because it is significant to the novel’s overall message that “no one is exempt from the possibility of a conscious connection to All That Is," (stated in the preface). The novel ends on a celebratory note, they are celebrating The Fourth of July along with all of the divisions between people closing. All of the abuse and all of the bad, unforgivable incidents, are forgiven. Everyone is happy and together. The theme of “Love redeems” is fulfilled. Everybody is redeemed from their love of another

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