Sexist Language And Its Effects On Women Essay

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Dehumanizing women has become such a global problem it almost seems like it 's the new norm. Now and throughout history, derogatory language has played a major role in the longstanding victimization of women. Women are often looked at like some type of property, with having no emotion or feeling. This act can lead women to being sexually assaulted, humiliated by ads and shamed through language. In many ways women are looked at as less than humans. So what are women? Are they human or are they less than that? Are they animals, are they objects? Do these social normalities and nicknames dehumanize women through objectification?
At the depths of the semantics of sub humanism, one encounters a frequently invoked set of demeaning designations aimed at women which can be best classified under the heading "the objectification of the victim"; that is, the transformation of women into inanimate objects mere things which have no resemblance of humanity, life, or even motion. This pervasive language of denigration contains such terms as "object," "thing," "property," "possession," "toy," "goods," "merchandise," "furniture," "matter," "material," and "specimen." These words have been utilized to justify the acts of violence and degradation visited upon members of the female gender for millenniums. This kind of name calling is still very much in evidence today, and supplies a major semantic foundation for the contemporary assaults on the body, person, and integrity of women.
Some of the

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