Sexual Activities And The Relation Between Frequency Of Sex And Happiness

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One of the most common questions associated with sexual activities is in regard to the relation between frequency of sex and happiness. Does more sex lead to greater happiness? Although this looks like a simple question at first, it has been the center of numerous studies and debates for many years, and it is proven to be a complex and often fascinating matter to be investigated. For a very long time, the traditional point of view offered a simple “yes” answer to this question – by saying that more sex will definitely have a positive effect on happiness –, but many recent studies have challenged this common notion, and offered a new and more broader perspective on the subject by shedding light on depth and complexity of the matter. This paper attempts to investigate this question in a comprehensive and factual manner to find out if more frequent sex will lead to more happiness. In order to find a reliable answer, this paper looks at more than just the frequency of sex by mentioning other factors associated with sexual activities that can ultimately increase happiness and lift mood. The involvement of such factors could be direct, indirect, or both, and each could have their own effectiveness rate. More sex and better quality sex will boost happiness. This is one of the findings of Cheng Zhiming, and Russell Smyth in their article “Sex and happiness”. Based on the methodology of this study, the quality of sex is being defined and measured by different factors such as

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