Sexual Assault Against Women During The United States

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Sexual Assault Against Women in the United States

Zoe Williams

SOCY 100: Introduction to Sociology
Montgomery College

September 26, 2014

Violence against women has been ever-present throughout time and place in our world and in recorded history. Although violence against women encompasses a whole range of related acts, rape and sexual assault perpetrated against women is the focus of this paper. Men and boys are also victims of sexual assault, but the numbers of women who are sexual assaulted are much higher. We will be examining the definition of rape, the effects of rape, issues associated with rape, theories about the cause of rape and engage in some speculation on what can be done to improve the safety of women.
In the United States, there is a history of impunity of the powerful: liberties were taken with women by soldiers and settlers against women in indigenous cultures as “spoils of war,” and by slave owners and others in power, while those without power -- who were mostly minorities and those lower on the social and economic ladders, were incarcerated at high rates (Freedman, 2013). African-American men were stereotyped as dangerous rapists and many were falsely accused of rape and lynched.
Violence directed at women is ever-prevalent today in the United States -- as evidenced by the recent focus by the media on the high rates of rape on college campuses and the lack of sanctions for perpetrators, high rates of rape in the military and the…
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