Sexual Behavior And Substance Abuse Related Activities

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There is little to question about youth who socialize with peers who engage in deviant behavior. They are at a bigger risk for criminal behavior and substance abuse–related activities. In addition, there is more research suggesting that interventions that aggregate the at-risk peer go hand and hand with one another. They Examined data from two peer-group intervention studies and found that youth in the experimental group had increased adolescent problem behavior and negative life outcomes in adulthood, whereas youth in the control conditions did not show such effects. I suggest that, youth may be particularly vulnerable to negative outcomes as a result of peer aggression. The youth in the juvenile justice system have to deal with peer…show more content…
Those Risk factors are the impact of peers, developing pathways, of aggression. We explore these factors of violence in children and adolescents with attention to the original problem of violence to describe the difficulty, unanswered questions, and clinical relevance of the current findings of peer pressure leading to aggression. Interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychopharmacological treatment, and psychosocial treatment, are reviewed with serious recognition of the need to use multiple modalities with and to expand research to define optimal treatment for, potentially violent children and adolescents. The information considered for this review focuses on violence as defined as physical aggression toward other individuals. Other studies are included with wider definitions of violence because of their relevance to assessing the potential for violent behavior. © Society for Adolescent Medicine, 2004 although arrest rates for serious violent crimes and juvenile homicides have fallen from an all-time high in the mid-1990s, many adolescents and children remain involved in aggressive delinquent and violent behaviors such as physical fighting, bullying, using weapons, verbal threats of harm to others, and chronic impulsive aggression . In 1999, juveniles accounted for 16% of all violent crime arrests, and homicides committed by youth
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