Sexual Child Abuse Effects On Children Essay

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Sexual Child Abuse Effects

CJ-4750 Victimology

Lynne Vandekerckhove


With every society for decades now has been riddled with people that we as humans see as not being part. Those people we refer to are the ones that believe shouldn’t be part of society, such as pedophiles and what they do to our young innocent children. Our children or minors in all societies are the most vulnerable after all for all humans. For this reason they become the easiest target to some. Most of the time that children are victimized is through sexual abuse. Sexual abuse to children is more complicated and delicate than what we would consider to be sexual abuse towards adults. Unlike adults, though, the penalties and consequences of a child being sexually abused can come at many more prices that affect their entire lives and the lives of the people around them.
First, let me go on to explain what I mean by the difference between what would be sexual abuse towards a child. No matter what, child abuse is committed by someone that is older than them, which is typically more than a five year age difference, and is normally always for the arousment of the older individual. It oftenly occurs with body contact. But, what is usually not always considered abuse towards adults, things such as flashing, forcing a child to watch pornography, or to be apart of pornography are also considered to be a part of this. And traditionally, verbally pressuring a child to engage in any

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