The Range Of Child Abuse

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Unit 8 Child Protection
Assignment 1
Task 1
In this task I will identify and understand the range of child abuse, detection, and appropriate response to abuse.
According to the NSPCC ‘almost 2,000 children in Northern Ireland were identified as needing protection from abuse last year’ (NSPCC, 2015). Child abuse is when a parent or carer, whether by action or reluctance to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. The Children’s Order (NI) 1995 recognises four types of abuse: physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and neglect. Children who are abused often go through more than one type of abuse. For example, a child who is sexually abused will often be emotionally abused as well.
Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is intentionally inflicting pain onto a child as well as the failure to prevent or stop injury or suffering. For example, burning, scalding, suffocating, kicking and drowning all forms of physical abuse. There are many indicators of physical abuse which I have detailed in Appendix A.
Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse includes urging or inviting a child to take part in sexual activities. These activities can involve physical contact, including penetrative or non-penetrative acts. These can include involving children in looking at, or the creation of, pornographic material or watching sexual activities as well as encouraging children to behave in sexually inappropriate ways. There are many indicators of sexual abuse which I have detailed in

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