Sexual Violence Sociology

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Sexual violence is detrimental towards its victims. The act itself is damaging for many reasons and that individual’s life will be forever changed, however society often plays a big role as to why it is so harmful as well. The victim can often be looked at negatively as if they deserved what happened to them. The first questions that will be asked when telling anyone will be, what were you wearing? How much did you drink? Did you say no? Did you fight back? The fear of all the judgement alone can convince the individual not to discuss what has happened to them. Not talking about it can make the outcome much more severe because they are dealing with it alone. Often sexual violence results in the victim developing depression, post traumatic stress …show more content…

In class we say demographic maps that showed the darkest colours right near the universities. In almost any report acknowledging the topic of sexual violence there is at least one sentence that states how common it is in the post secondary institutions. Theories on why this occurs are that there is a culture in the universities around partying or drinking. When alcohol or other intoxicants are brought into the equation …show more content…

Along with that, in most cases the person that was assaulted does not feel that they can tell the school or other authority what happened because they have doubts their school’s actions involving sexual violence, which allows the offender to get away with out any consequences. Furthermore, the schools themselves appear to want to keep the incidents hidden or quiet so they may not always feel like a welcoming place to come and report to. The individual that comes in to make a report of sexual violence will more than likely want some form of justice and the universities may not be able or willing to do what is needed in every case. This happens because the schools want to keep the number of incident reports low so that it does not give a bad image and deter other students from coming to their institution. As time goes on the government and other authorities are creating more rules and regulations that the institutions must follow. They still allow the specific school to make their own methods of handling certain situations however there are a few items that are

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