Sexuality And Sexuality Among Older Adults

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Human sexuality is a very broad and in some instance a very sensitive subject. Depending on the audience, it is a topic that may cause uneasiness and awkwardness for some while for others it is a topic of preference. Although sexuality is a significant part of our modern-day culture in movies, videos, and other celebrity induced trends, it is still a subject that isn’t easily discussed. Some will assert that sexuality only involves the act of sex which is probably the reason there is a sense of discomfort. This is in fact highly inaccurate, but it is used as a crutch to avoid discussing the topic altogether. Sexuality is a reality that it plays an important role throughout our lives. It intertwines physiological, psychological, and social …show more content…

As we grow into young adults, we move to a stage of sexual maturity. Sexual maturity is a time where we can procreate, where there will be in our stamina, and an increase in sexual desires for both men and women. This is something that happens for everyone after we have surpassed the puberty stage. All of this is matters because sexual arousal is a physiological function. The physiological aspect of this cartoon seems to be on the fence of positive and negative. The male seems to be more in a state of shock by his wife’s actions, watching her as she is standing there holding the glasses of wine and the bottle and her verbiage (attempting to initiate intimacy but reminding him of the backup plan). It doesn’t necessarily convey a negative response from the husband as if he is lacking interest, but he doesn’t seem as enthused as his counterpart which could have a lot to do with the physiological aspect of him. It is possible that his stamina has declined due to his age or he could have possibly lost the ability to have sexual arousal for his elderly wife. The physiological response of the husband’s actions or lack thereof can have a domino effect on the psychological dimension of this couple’s relationship. As stated earlier, the husband is necessarily displaying a positive response to his wife’s actions. He is just sitting there with a stunned face which can in return, make the wife feel negatively.

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