The ' Guardians Of The Flutes '

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Human sexuality can be interpreted in many different ideas and understandings. Watching the documentary “Guardians of the Flutes,” I was able to see a different life style than I’m use to but at the same time see many similarities. Both men and women have different roles in their daily lives and their works do not intersect. The Sambia tribe is patriarchal, in which the men have the control or rule, similar to most American house hold; however, that is changing. Understanding the way sex influences or impacts our lives is very important. Not only do humans interact sexually but also many animals. Human sexuality is being able to be comfortable with one to be able to interact with others in a deeper level. The Sambia tribe treats sex as something dirty and unpleasable but rather than a way to show their masculinity. Also, they go very far into the forest to be able to engage in sexual activity. In my option the Sambia lack sexual literacy. According to Herdt, In order to become sexual literate, “…you can develop healthy and positive attitudes in your thinking, communication, and lifestyle that will result that in satisfying sexual relationships when you decide you’re ready for sexual intimacy.” The men was more open to sexual activities and engaged at a very young age but for a women they had to wait until marriage. However, they would only engage in oral sex until they started to menstruate. Herdt mentions, “[Important sexual literacy is] being able to emotionally

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