Sexually Transmitted Disease: Crabs

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Craps is an infection cause by parasites which live in the pubic region of the body. Many people are not sure what they are when they first see them. But is more commonly referred to pubic lice, or the term crabs is because under a microscope the tiny lice have a tiny crab like shape. And usually it have six legs. The origins of pubic lice aren't completely know. But there are a few places and theories where grab could come from. Crabs are frequently the color and size of small freckles. Found under arms, eyelashes, moustaches Spread though direct physical contact. Close body contact with an infected person. It could go to one person with touching as well. While sexual contact is the most responsible form of transmitted craps. It is still believe that Human still could've contract the infection by sleeping and gorilla's nest. Crabs and general has been a problem in Europe since at least biblical times. Many remedies including viper broth oil from tobacco juice were to have said to kill lice. Woman were even said lice have also been mentioned several times in the Bible. What's often referring to the same plague sent to Egypt (Alice592). Crabs is a general term for public lice, which is situated in the genitals. Bikini bottoms cover that region. Lice and bedbugs are now more likely to be transferred in public vehicles. The different symptoms are intense itching and rash in pubic area. Presence of tiny bugs in pubic hair. Sexual contact could prevent you from getting from

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