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Why are you applying to serve on SGA? *
For me, the Student Government Association is not just a student organization. I believe that it is a place for enthusiastic students to share their thoughts and give input on the major aspects of USD. While our school is already amazing, there are still things that can improve. Because of my motivation and desire to make USD the best, I want to serve on SGA. SGA would provide me with the tools to help express not only my views, but also my peers as well.

What qualities do you possess that you believe a good SGA senator must have? *
Because of my work ethic and dedication, I am truly passionate about whatever roles and activities that I assume. I always handle the task at hand to the best of my abilities and willing to give it my all. As well as this, I am able to voice my opinions and viewpoints, which I consider to be one of the most important qualities. Along with all of those traits, my experiences have provided me the capacity to cooperate and communicate with a variety of people is also essential.
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My background and heritage has provided me with a unique perspective. Using that perspective, I consistently aim to better not only the Asian aspect of my life, but also the American side as well. Besides being on the executive board of the Asian American Student Association here on campus, I also am involved with the Vietnamese Community of Sioux Falls and Area. Additionally, I have attended SEARAC Leadership and Advocacy Training in the summer of 2016 as well as the Center for Diversity and Community’s Multicultural Leadership Retreat. Both of these events have taught me leadership and activist
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