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Is bullying a big deal? Does it scar a child for life? Does it affect a child’s mental health in the future? According to Kathy Shaidle a blogger on “Taki’s” stated that, bullying merely is a fad that is over dramatized. Kathy minimizes the true problem and prevalence bullying has in society. She begins by stating “I was never bullied. Except for once.” This shows that she is ignorant in personal experience and in the ability to have empathy with those who were bullied for years. Kathy then argued that pop-culture has broadened and over used the term “Bullying”. Kathy continues that “Bullying“ lacks medical pedigree and that it will eventually lose momentum. Kathy then turned her attention to homosexuals and began to blame them …show more content…

“I was the shortest child in every grade, cursed with crooked teeth, thick glasses, and a permanent frown. Yet despite (or because of) my “Wednesday Addams” mien, I was never bullied. Except for once. My first week of high school, some older girls stomped around the cafeteria at lunchtime, picking out Grade Niners for mild hazing. Three approached me. Their leader proffered an egg, trembling on a tablespoon. “Walk this from here to there,” she told me, nodding toward the far wall. I swatted the props out of her hand. The egg smacked on the floor. “Clean that up,” I snapped flatly. No one bothered me again for four years.” Kathy’s experience with “bullying” was by no means severe, as such she could believe that every case of bullying can be solved by merely asserting against the opposition. Bullies search for weaker, reserved, more isolated victim, because of this few victims speak out. Bullying is rarely stopped by one instance of aggression against the Bully. Kathy used her personal reflection to add credibility to her article, but this only created a lack of understanding to victims because of her diminutive experience with …show more content…

“If you’ve wondered how bullying suddenly became “the new black,” this latest “epidemic” was brought about by our old friend, the miracle of “progressive” arithmetic. Casting about for a new cause to keep their comrades ungainfully employed, the West’s “educators,” bureaucrats, professional homosexuals, craven politicians, and, presumably, colored-ribbon manufacturers latched onto some careerist academic’s table magic.” Kathy explains in this that anit-bully organizations are merely income makers for individuals. Cool 2 Be Kind was founded due someone passing away due to excessive bullying. This organization has been recognized for its actions by President Obama, and the California Senate. Kathy did not validate her claims when publishing that statement; new organizations against bullying are emerging in force. Many of these organizations are being created by the families and friends of victims who could not handle the fear any longer. These individuals merely seek to prevent future tragedies from occurring due to

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