Shameless Analysis

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When you associate words like shameless with everyday life you don’t think of it being a television show, one may think of shameless as a negative adjective used to describe a person showing a lack of shame, but it's a comedy/drama television show that really digs deep into real life scenarios and shows how a true dysfunctional family lives in the “hood” of Chicago. Shameless details how much leadership and mental stability Fiona Gallagher has to have in order to run a family of six in her early twenties.
Shameless takes place modern day, small old house in the rough south side of Chicago. The show goes from talking about a dysfunctional family, gay relationship, alcoholic father, struggle to make ends meet, and the daily life of the Gallagher family and their friends. Frank Gallagher is the alcoholic addicted father that does the complete opposite of what a decent father would do for their family. He drinks non-stop, thinks he knows everything, never takes ownership, and shows zero concern for his family unless it's convenient for him. Frank is the prime example of a drunk father who only wants what’s best for himself. Fiona is the daughter of frank. She is the leader and mother-like figure in the household. Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, and Liam are the rest of the Gallagher family. Lip has the brains and has all the potential in the world, but doesn’t show it. Ian is the ambitious one in the family. He struggles, whether he is straight or gay. Later in the show his true

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