Shannon Smith And Amanda Bynes: A Positive Role Model

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This paper will discuss the two different types of role models, both positive and negative, and why they are crucial for a person’s mental and physical development. I will define what a positive and negative role model is to me, and will also discuss how a negative role model is not someone who is a bad influence, but rather someone who’s mistakes can be learned from in order to prevent someone else from making the same mistake in the future. This paper will talk about my positive role model, Shannon Smith, my negative role model, Amanda Bynes, and why they have influenced me and how they have impacted my life, making me the person that I am today. In this paper, I will also discuss how they have become the people that they are today, and will include personal experiences that I have shared with my positive role model, and mistakes that I have learned from because of the choices that my negative role model has made that have had an unfavorable impact on her future.

Shannon Smith and Amanda Bynes: A Positive and Negative Role Model
The simplest definition of a role model is a person looked to by another as an example to be imitated …show more content…

Not only does she display all of the characteristics that a positive role model should have, but she embodies them as her own. She is a compassionate, honest, and optimistic leader, who does what is right, even when no one is looking. From a young age, people have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Although my answer has changed from an RN, to a diabetic educator, to an endocrinologist, one answer has never changed, that I want to be like my aunt Shane. I want to help alleviate other’s pains, I want to be truthful and sincere, I want to hope for the best, I want to be able to take charge when it is needed, and I want to do what is right, not because someone is watching me, but because I believe that that is the right thing to

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