Sheriff and Rick Tyler Essay

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Kenneth Toles
Professor Busby
Literature 221
November 23, 2014

Rick Tyler: The American
To be truly American is a hard thing to achieve. There are so many different ways to live life. The American way, of course, is the easy way. At least, that is the common perception of the American way. The whole world sees America as a lazy country that does not even want to keep its own companies in it. America outsources, takes what other countries have discovered, and incorporates other countries’ ideals in the creation of everyday products.
On the inside, down deep, America is beautiful. America has always been known as one of the greatest countries, since it was established. For decades, it has been known as the land of the free and home of the
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He was running because it was the easiest way out of the situation. He ran because staying around meant he had to go to jail, then to court. He was afraid that going to court would lead to him doing life in prison. He was charged with murder, after all, and he was innocent. Understandably, no one wants to do time in prison, especially when they are innocent.
America, in comparison to Rick Tyler, could be looked at like a figurative fugitive. The country has been under constant ridicule from other countries, claiming that America has been nothing but a bully. America has been the fugitive on the run for years, with many countries claiming America has many bad things to answer for. America, to them, has been dodging the questions, and many countries believe that America deserves all of the bad things it gets.
Rick Tyler ran, and people seemed to have mixed emotions about the situation. There were people who were happy to see Rick Tyler running and still free. Then, on the other hand, there were people who did not care about the situation either way. The people who did not seem to care about Rick Tyler just wanted to collect the bounty on him. This particular part of Rick Tyler’s situation can be compared to America’s current situation with the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Just like there were unexpected people willing to betray Rick Tyler, there are people in America that are capturing and murdering people for ISIS.
Rick Tyler was faced

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