Sherman Argumentative Essay

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In World War II the Germans had better tanks than the allies did. The German tanks had stronger armor. They had bigger guns, and a better gun range. They also used better tactics, and their thank crew were better trained with more skills.
In the first months of the war the Germans had no problem attacking the western counties. Their tanks were no match for the german panzer II, the new panzer III, and panzer IV tanks. The German tanks out did all of the allied tanks in the west. When Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union the early German panzer III’s and IV’s had trouble knocking out the Soviets new t-34 and the KV series.
When the Allies landed in Normandy they immediately realized the flaw of the Sherman tank. The gun of the Sherman could not penetrate the front of a Panzer IV unless the tank got within 100 yards of the German tank. “The tank was a compromise and has some flaws as well, especially when facing German late …show more content…

Their crews had more training and were more skilled than the American and Soviet tank crew. The Americans and Soviets had to rush tank crews into action to keep the fight going while the Germans could just sit there and let the crews get more and more experience. Despite their advantages against the Panther, American tankers knew their Shermans were no match for the Wehrmacht’s main battle tank(Hart).
Most historians believe that the allies had the better tanks. They say that’s because the allies won the war because their tanks were better. Historians say that because they out produced the Germans their tanks were better. They also say that because the allied tanks were cheaper they were better. Most historians are wrong when they say all of that. The German tanks could take them out from a distance that was unheard of at the time. The German tanks could not be penetrated by most of the allied tanks because the tanks guns lacked the penetration to get through the Germans front

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