Sheryl Sandberg's Argumentative Analysis

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Throughout history females have always had the disadvantage over men. This is clearly seen through physical appearance, sports, and the work force. The argument is whether the reason for this is because of biology, or cognitive processes. This tendency is because of cognitive processes. Women statistically do not display the drive and confidence that men do and the history of the world suggests men should have the power. Sheryl Sandberg who is Facebook’s COO, shared statistics, which supported the reasoning behind cognitive process being the blame for this. Sheryl stated statistics such as “there is 190 heads of state and only 9 are women, and 13% of parliament is women, and 15% of women are at the top spots in a cooperation or large firm (Sandberg, TedTalk).” She had gone on to share more statistics but the point she was trying to prove was that women are constantly underrating themselves. Women aren’t sitting at the table when the opportunity is presented to them like men do. This all supports the theory of cognitive process, which is best, defined as the set…show more content…
The men were always the hero’s and leaders. My theory is supported by the great man theory where people felt that “it seems as if the right man for the job seems to emerge almost magically to take control of a situation and lead a group of people into safety or success (” When you were a child and watched a movie with heroes, the men were the heroes the majority of the time. Men such as Hercules, Cesar, Zeus, Superman, etc., were always “the chosen ones” and were set to save the day. Not only was it seen in movies, in was seen in history too. We have never had a female president. Out of 43 presidents, 0 of them were women. However, you cannot blame mankind for this because of the fact that less then five women have ran for the
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