Shirley Graves Pediatrics

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The author’s article is based on an interview he did with Dr. Shirley Graves. Shirley Graves an M.D., D.Sc. Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics at the University of Florida was one of the most “influential women” in medicine around the 1960 and 1970s. (Ahmed) Around her time in the medical field “a time when the medical profession was overwhelmingly male dominated.” women being in the medical profession were very scarce. (Ahmed) The author then goes on to explain on how actually being in today’s society it is hard to believe that only 50 years ago a women being in the medical field was rare. Then he goes on to state that yet Dr. Graves was a “pioneer” in the fields of pediatric anesthesia and pediatric critical care medicine. In the interview Dr. Shirley identifies her development of the pediatric intensive care units and her leadership in the Division of Pediatric Anesthesia at the University of Florida as her outstanding contributions. Through her articles, book chapters, international lectures, and leadership in the American Society of Anesthesiology, she has inspired a generation of men and women physicians to conquer the unthinkable and break through the glass ceiling that American stereotypes have put over the work field.

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