Shooting A Bow Lab Report

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Shooting a bow largely involves the use of the upper extremity. Between the needs of stabilization and torque, many muscles in the upper extremity are utilized to perform an effective shot. However, the lower extremity is also involved in bow shooting mechanics. Muscles in the lower extremity perform both concentric and eccentric contractions to stabilize the body during all phases of shooting a bow. Therefore, shooting a bow involves complex contractions of muscles throughout the body. In the next few pages the joints and the muscular involvement of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist during bow shooting will be discussed in depth.
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the involvement of the upper extremity will be discussed in detail as it relates to its function in the action of shooting a bow. The shoulder plays a huge role in drawing the bow and keeping the string pulled back. The joints of the shoulder are vital when performing these actions. The joints involved include: the sternoclavicular joint,
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The prime movers in the left shoulder that move it back to its neutral position are the anterior deltoid and the bicep brachii. Concentric contractions followed by eccentric contractions of both of these muscles move the shoulder from extension and abduction to it neutral state by flexing and adducting the shoulder. The prime movers in the right shoulder are again the anterior and middle deltoid along with the supraspinatus that contract isometrically to keep the shoulder in horizontal abduction. When the right shoulder is let down after follow through, the prime movers are the triceps and the posterior deltoids which eccentrically contract to extend the shoulder to its neutral position. Therefore the muscles of the shoulder are exceedingly imperative to the action of shoot a
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