Shoplifting: Most Serious Crime

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Chapter 28 mentions how, "shoplifting may be considered the most serious crime in regards to which most people ave some personal familiarity and how according to studies done one in every 10-15 individuals who shops has shoplifted at one time or another" (Chapter 28, pg. 326). Also, chapter 28 mentions how "losses towards shoplifting range from 12 to 30 billion dollars and is one the most prevalent forms of larceny" (Chapter 28, pg. 326 to 327).

Chapter 28 "is about a study among 18-20 individuals as well as interviewed 137-350 subjects between ages of 16 to 66 with the mean average of 26 and how they acted from participating within this illegal type of behavior. Study shown that these participates used neutralization techniques meaning that

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