Shopping Experience With Sprouts Farmer 's Market Essay

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I split my food shopping between a suburban enclave in Franklin, TN and my parent’s country house in Columbia, TN. There are a multitude of lifestyle discrepancies between suburban and country living, and I suspected that this would be evident in the retail food options offered. Columbia grocery stores are either large big box grocers or small regional stores. These stores historically service more conventional food options. Franklin’s larger and more affluent population allows for more diversity in alternative and health food stores. I chose to observe a local Kroger Grocery Store in Columbia, and contrasted that shopping experience with Sprouts Farmer’s Market in Franklin. The separate shopping experiences elucidated that retail food options are contingent on the expectations, comprehension and financial flexibility of the customers and the stores. I visited the Kroger Grocery Store around eight on Sunday morning. The patron demographic was primarily older than 55 and African- American. The store has provided groceries for the community for at least fifteen years. The store was clean and organized, but there was a slight dingy appearance that comes with older stores. The store has been remodeled and remerchandised, but the dark lighting and worn floors disclose the stores true age. When you walk into the store you are greeted by a large produce and floral section. The store follows popular produce planograms with overflowing fruits and vegetable stacked into

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