A Survey Of The Windshield Survey

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Windshield Survey: Valdosta, Georgia Community health nurses have the responsibility of assessing the community he or she will be working in to provide the best care to the residents in the community and to gather this data the community health nurse completes a windshield survey (Nies & McEwen, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the findings from the windshield survey completed in Valdosta, Georgia. Direct Data While examining the community of Valdosta, Georgia there were some common themes throughout the city. In this community there are multiple grocery stores spaced throughout the city, such as Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Walmart. Even though there are quite a few grocery stores for people to buy food to cook, on weekdays …show more content…

Most of the doctor offices in Valdosta are located close to the hospital. The city of Valdosta has multiple types of specialty doctors, such as cardiologist, infectious disease, urologist, and nephrologist. Furthermore, there are multiple nursing homes in this community. Also, the community of Valdosta has multiple public schools. Some of the public schools are in the Lowndes County School System, while others are a part of the Valdosta City School System. The county schools look like they are kept up better and have less signs of decay than the city schools. In addition to this community having multiple schools, this community has many different churches people can attend and on Sundays most of the church parking lots are full. Even though there are some common themes throughout this community there are some big differences. In the part of the community close to Moody Airforce base there is mostly new neighborhoods made up of nice looking houses. When driving through these neighborhoods in the middle of the day young kids are seen riding bikes without helmets and playing in the middle of the road. Also, many young adults can be seen walking or running around the neighborhoods. Additionally, there is a railroad track that runs through some of these neighborhoods and there is no railroad arm or lights to signal when a train

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