Short Biography: A Brief Biography Of Dred Scott

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Dred Scott

Hello, I’m Dred Scott. I was born in the year of 1800 to enslaved parents. My owner, Mr.Blow sold me to the Emersons. A while later, Mr.Emerson died. His will said that his wife will get his slaves. So now I belong to Eliza Emerson. I married Harriet and we had a baby girl named Eliza. She was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen! I really wanted to be free because my family and I had lived in a free state, so I decided to go to Court. We won, we are free! I was lifted to the sky! I was hopeful for what was yet to come. Ms.Eliza did not agree with my family and me. She went to Court and took us back for herself. I thought to myself, we will

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