Short Biography: A Brief Biography Of Edwin Wiley Grove

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Edwin Wiley Grove (Portrait of him above), also known as E.W. Grove was born on December 27, 1850. He was born in Whiteville, TN which is in Hardeman County. Grove was the son of James Henry and Mary Jane Harris Grove who were both natives of Virginia. Grove had 3 kids with a woman, Alice Gertrude, who were named Hallett, Edwin, and Helen. Sources say it is still a mystery to why he and his family moved here to Paris, TN in 1824. When Grove moved to Paris in 1824 he received a job opportunity at as a clerk at a drugstore owned by Dr. Samuel Houston Caldwell. In 1830 Grove went to Memphis, TN to study pharmacy. He never knew that later on he was going to become a billionaire due to medicine. He just had to wait and come up with something that

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