The Secret Behind The Making Of Authentic Pizza

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The secret behind the making of authentic Pizzas- Pizza Stone / Pizza Pans
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It is no secret that Pizza is one of the most loved comfort food worldwide. Whether you decide to eat it at some fancy Italian restaurant or make it at home, pizza is something most people agree upon, when it comes to the menu choice.
Have you ever wondered why we all love pizza so much?
There is no denying that one of the obvious reasons is the ‘awesome taste’. Other than the taste, the combination of how your pizza smells and looks is an integral part of overall Pizza experience. However, going beyond the choice of the pizza toppings, the sauces, and the flavors used, deep diving into the process of making authentic pizza reveals that secret of making an authentic; pizzeria style …show more content…

In the process of making Pizza, it is put on the Pizza stone/ Pizza Pan which is then placed in the oven to make the fine, crispy pizza crust.
The difference between a Pizza Stone and a Pizza Pan
Although there are minimal differences between the Pizza Stones and Pizza Pans, choosing between the two for making pizzas is largely a matter of personal preference and choice.
 Pizza stone: It requires you to turn the oven on sooner to make sure that the pizza stone is completely heated. So you need to preheat the oven, build the pizza on the counter, and transfer the pizza from the counter to the hot stone with a pizza peel.
 Pizza pan: Pizza Pans are more convenient to use as compared to the Pizza Stones. It does not require you to turn the oven on early or use a pizza peel to transfer the pizza in the oven.
One of the other differences between the two is that of the shape. While using the Pizza stone, the pizza shapes will be freeform as you can make them any size or shape as long as the pizza fits on the stone, whereas in case of a pan, the size and shape of the pizza is largely determined by the Pan

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