Short Narrative : The Meow Tribe And The Ski Tribe

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Once upon a time, there lived two ancient races called the Meow tribe and the Ski tribe. The two fell into an enormous clash. The war raged on for years and years, until finally, the Ski tribe won. In reward, they were hereby permitted to have every future cat or dog’s name end with the word Ski. There were no survivors from the Meow tribe, except for two… The very place where the tribes had fought was strewn with dirt and remains of shelters. There were chunks of debris and charred, barren trees. Hidden amongst the destroyed chief’s house was a young, helpless kitten with greyish fur. She was exhausted and didn’t know where she was. Her name was Meowski. “M-meow?” she stammered uncertainly. “Meow? Meow?” She was fearfully calling out the names of her friends and family members. There was a silence. Then the leaves of a bush rustled, and a small kitten emerged. This kitten looked somewhat like Meowski, except a slightly darker shade of grey and emerald green eyes. She looked up at Meowski curiously. “MEOW!” Meowski exclaimed happily, throwing her paws around the kitten. She almost shed tears of relief. “Meow meow meowmeow MROW MEOW?!!” But the kitten was horrified. She burst into tears. Apparently, Meowski had intimidated her by outbursting so suddenly. Meowski calmed her down. The kitten’s crying slowly subsided, but she was still terrified. She uttered a quiet, barely intelligible “Mew…” Meowski gently urged the kitten to talk louder. The cat

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