Short Story: A Golden Time

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing on my bedside table, flashing 5:00am. After what seemed to be an endless night, the morning had finally arrived. I scrambled out of bed, put on my fishing gear and couldn’t wait to get back on the water. Still feeling sleepy, I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fridge to munch on while walking outside to the boat. Last night’s preparations came in handy as the boat was already hooked up to the Land Cruiser and ready to head down to the Exmouth boat ramp. As usual, there was no one else at the boat ramp and now all to do was wait for Jacko to arrive. After five minutes, sure enough he rocks up eager to get the day started. Jacko jumped in the boat and I slowly reversed the trailer into the water. Jack hopped onto the front and unclipped the winch. The 7m long PowerCat gently slid off the trailer and into the water, barely making a ripple. Jacko pulls up next the ramp so I can step on board and take over the wheel. While slowly leaving the boat ramp, we decide to head out to our favourite spot, the ledge. The weather conditions were excellent. The tide was rising all day, the wind north-east and the swell was low. We couldn’t wait to drop a line in the water. We’re cruising along with the 250hp Yamaha outboard at full revs. The sun just crept out from behind a large sand hill, making a thick, blinding, golden strip on top of the glassy ocean as we approached our destination. I eased off the throttle

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