Short Story: A School Trip to the Holiday Island of Jeju

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The day my teacher told me that we were going on a school trip to the holiday island of Jeju, I was ecstatic. The day we had to depart finally arrived. On April 15, I was standing on a dock at Incheon, looking at the 6.825 tons Sewol Ferry. I had never been on a ship which made the trip even more exciting for me. My friends and I slept early so that we could enjoy the sunrise the next morning. Around 8.45 am, while we were having breakfast the floor of the ship shook violently. “It is probably a cooler breaking down” , one of my friends said. He had been on the sea before so I believed him. The irony was that it was not a cooler, but our ferry breaking down. After that the ship turned chaotic. The ship had started tilting and even at 9.15 am no message was given to us by the captain. "Wow, it's tilting a lot. We're tilting to this side. Can't move," someone said. "You think I'm really going to die?" another cried. At 9.30 after the ship had listed to a 60 degrees, the captain announced, “Do not move. Stay below the decks. We have made a distress call and the rescue ships will arrive soon.” They told us to wear life jackets. “What is happening ?”, my friend ,Jenna screamed. “Why can’t they tell us what is going on?”. “Is the ship sinking”, I asked. “Asking us to wear a life jacket doesn’t mean that the ship is sinking!” , Chang replied. We just stood there holding the edge of the door, waiting for an angel to arrive and rescue us. The crew kept announcing and telling us

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