Short Story : ' A Song Of Ice And Fire '

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Anxious attachment style
Lysa Arryn from the novel “A Song of Ice and Fire” (Martin, 1996, 2000) Jealousy: Lysa was romantically interested in Petyr Baelish, however, Petyr constantly ignored Lysa and was romantically interested in Catelyn Stark who was Lysa’s sister (Martin, 1996). Consequently, Lysa became extremely jealous of Catelyn for stealing Petyr away from her (Martin, 2000). Lysa’s jealousy reached a climax when she became jealous of Sansa Stark who inherited many physical features of Catelyn (Martin, 2000). Jealousy was a quintessential trait exhibited by individuals with anxious attachment style which was highlighted by Hazan and Shaver in their research on attachments (Hazan & Shaver, 1987). Marshall, Bejanyan, Di Castro and Lee (2012) also found that individuals with anxious attachment styles were more prone to exhibit their feelings of jealousy on the internet (Marshall, Bejanyan, Di Castro, & Lee, 2012). Lysa’s jealousy towards Catelyn for stealing her romantic interest could be perceived as a convincing example to consider Lysa as an individual with an anxious attachment style. Need for physical proximity: Another key attachment figure for Lysa was her son, Robin Arryn. Lysa kept Robin constantly by her side and constantly breastfed Robin even though he was well past the appropriate age for breast feeding (Martin, 1996). In particular, Lysa’s need to ensure physical proximity with Robin was highlighted during Tyrion Lannister’s trial in the Vale,…

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