Short Story About Macbeth

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“And you?” the second one directed Syd. She shrugged. “You are carrying nothing.” He observed. “I need nothing.” “Arrogant,” the first commented. “They’re Sofria,” the second explained. “Where are you ladies heading?” the first asked. “The beach. Have you ever seen a tanned Sofria? We are even more stunning,” Syd promised. The elves grunted and crammed the lunch in their mouths. “So are you ladies worth anything on a ransom?” the second asked, mouth full. “Yes,” Syd snapped the only answer that would keep them alive. Lowland bandits weren’t known for mercy. “This is the fiancé of Barrie of Split Tree, chamberlain of the village and I am her companion.” Tizbeth knew that Barrie wouldn’t do anything to save her. She decided …show more content…

Gabby thought she was a good big sister. The humans proved the heat forges were a skill. She had earned good coin for the village and no one seemed to mind using the things, the clothes and leather, her work brought in. “No they don’t.” “You talking to me, Useless.” The elf behind her shoved her again. “I’m not useless,” she hissed, but fear clammed her up after that. The elf chuckled. “I was starting to wonder if you were really a Sofria.” Tizbeth kicked the next rock and it flew like a minal ball, out of reflex she use magic to curve the path to miss Syd, but realized the action and smashed it into the first elf’s head. Gratifyingly, he went down. She spun and attacked the one that had been calling her Useless. With the muscle earned in the forge she punched until Syd called her name. He was quite senseless. Tizbeth scrambled for the knife at his belt and cut Syd free. She cut the elves’ bow strings. Syd waved her hand and the struggling elves lapsed into sleep. They ran until they collapsed. Syd did something with her hands and Tizbeth felt the magic, but didn’t have a hint to what. “That should obscure any magical trail,” Syd exsplained. “Should we worry about …show more content…

“I can’t get pass the magic wards.”
“What are they?”
“They look like red lights that consume magic and what is left isn’t pretty.” “Why didn’t you just get a human?” Syd looked passed her. “You tried.” “Yes.” Tizbeth didn’t want to sound stupid, but “they died.” “I guess so. They never came out.” She paused. “Well, one head did with a note to stop trying.” “Oh.” Tizbeth wished Syd had left that part out. Finally “why me?” “Because your magic is weak enough to get you pass the wards, but may be enough to get you pass the guards and you need some once you have the orbs.” “Perfect partner” Tizbeth said and mentally added, or patsy. “What kind weapons did they go with?” “One had a sword and the other two had bows.” “I’m good with rocks.” “It’s a plan.” “How did you know about the orbs?” Syd looked off into the distance. Tizbeth buzzed with questions but she didn’t know which to start with so she said nothing. “You aren’t the first Sofria to fall in love with a human,” Syd started.
“I’m not in love,” Tizbeth protested.
Syd didn’t seem to hear as she faded into the past. “I did what he asked. Including stealing books.” “Did you win him?” Tizbeth asked

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