Short Story: Ash's Predictament

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The setting is the unova region on the pinwheel forest side of skyarrow bridge. Ash,along with unova region companions Iris and Cilan,continue their quest of the unova region where ash hopes to enter the unova league. After the defeat of lenora in necrene city ash is on his way to the next gym in castelia city where he hopes to compete for his third gym badge. It is a sunny and great afternoon as the trio pass the check gate and begin walking across the long skyarrow bridge. "Ah,what a nice day today. great day to cross the beautiful skyarrow bridge isn't it?" says cilan walking alongside iris "Yeah is it,and the perfect day to acquire my third badge!" ash says walking confidently ahead of them "oh ash,always so quick to battle. why not relax and enjoy yourself once in a while?" iris says "well,I can do that anytime but me becoming a pokemon master can't wait! right pikachu?" ash says looking at pikachu on his shoulder "Pika! Pii, Pika!" Pikachu says "wow,really want to prove yourself against the best huh ash?" cilan says "You know it! a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and a trainer has to do what a trainer has to do too!" ash proclaims throwing his fist in the air Walking slightly closer to ash, iris then says "You're always so determined and focused ash. that's what I love about you...-" Ash quickly turns and says "What was that you said?" "oh,uh,um, I meant that's really admiring of you. you've still got a ways to go though" iris replies "oh...right" ash

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