Short Story: Blue Drinking

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Is it physically possible to get punch drunk on a kiss? Right now Harry felt as if he were seeing stars. His head was pounding as if he had been knocked around with a sledgehammer. He blamed the alcohol, made and sold in a foreign tongue. It was next to impossible to count drinks or remain sensible.

It took Harry longer then it should have for him to regain lucidity. The first thing he felt was the slightly too firm bed beneath him, followed by the rise and fall of someone else’s chest and the smell of cigarettes, which made his nose recoil in disgust.

“Mornin’ love, have a bit of a rough night?” A voice chuckled from beside him. Harry had to wait for his eyes to shift into focus. He could feel the chuckle roll through the boy beside him.
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After the other lad had mentioned it something clicked in his mind, yes he remember now. He and Niall had taken advantage of their time off from university to travel, both lads had seen their fair share of Europe and so this was their next stop. Harry was almost certain Niall had been roped in by the concept of blue beer, maid cafés and robot wresting. Harry was just tagging along for the ride. There was something about travel that always sparked something in him. He felt worldly with each new journey. Even taking the short trip from London to Manchester or Leeds would excite him. He loved most of all to write or photograph his journey, even going as far as getting small jobs to magazines or travel blogs to write about his exploits.

The other lad soon picked up his little story after Harry’s nod.

“You were sat in the far corner of the room, hunched over that stupid little journal of yours, looking up at the blond lad you strolled in with every now and again. He was popular with the locals, woman had cheep alcohol so they were at no short supply but you didn’t seem too interested in any of them- come to think of it you didn’t seem to be interested in anything at all, other that your book. You were sipping a cocktail when some bird came to chat you up- I gathered from your stunned look didn’t speak too much Japanese. You both stuttered through hellos, by the way your Japanese accent is horrible, way to posh.”

Harry screwed up his nose slightly at the anecdote before rolling his
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