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Left alone in the untidy bedroom, Tom wondered what the hell he was supposed to do. Booker had told him to get out, but he didn’t want to leave without having the chance to adequately explain himself. Hearing Booker professing his love had caused him to panic, and he’d muttered the first words that had popped into his head. But as soon as the faltering sentence had left his lips, he had immediately regretted his thoughtless response. Not only had he surprised his lover by not acknowledging the intimate attestation with a grand gesture of his own, he had humiliated and hurt him too. The words I love you were three of the most sacred words in the English language and those who uttered them did so with confidence because they assumed the …show more content…

A wave of embarrassment washed over him. He was still having trouble coming to terms with the knowledge he’d willingly permitted another man to orally stimulate his penis. A handjob was one thing, but the intimacy of fallacio wasn’t just a whole different was off the freaking map.

Suddenly feeling exposed, he turned around and stared at the rumpled bed. Goosebumps prickled his skin. He’d ruined one of the most significant moments of his life, and he wished it had ended differently. But what that actually meant, he wasn’t sure. He thought he’d come to terms with being in a homosexual relationship, but once again, the seed of doubt had sprouted, leaving him feeling isolated and confused. And while he knew he owed his friend an apology, he wondered if he’d actually feel relieved if it were rejected. Then he could put it all behind him and return to his life, relatively unscathed.


A weighty sigh exhaled from between the young officer's lips. Whatever happened, the first step was speaking to Booker and deciding he would feel more comfortable confronting him clothed rather than buck naked, he picked up his boxers and started to dress.


Booker stood under the therapeutic spray of water, hot tears burning his eyes. He’d given his heart to Tom, only to have it trampled, kicked, and torn from his chest by two small yet highly significant words. The chilly response, “Um, okay,” continued to echo inside his

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