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Chapter 1 Anya(On-Ya) sat quietly on the star deck, gazing at the endless black called space. Tugging her blanket around her shoulders, she felt a chill tingle throughout her body just as her closest friend, Chico came in. The automatic arched-doorway hissed open as he walked in, a bright blue neon light appeared around the edges of the door as it slid shut with a loud hiss behind the boy. He held his breath for a moment, not expecting Anya to be there. He quietly sat next to her while carefully holding his mug as to keep it from spilling. “Can’t sleep either?” Chico questioned as he took a sip of his beverage and leaned back into his left palm, earning her attention. “Oh, I wonder.” She replied in a grumpy and tired tone, blowing a few …show more content…

He’s had years of training in the galactic war against a galran(alien) called Zarkon that was soon coming to an end. Being the top pilot and the right-hand man of Shiro, his adoptive older brother, and the leader. His jet black hair that was up in a small ponytail with messy bangs and dark purple eyes were very rare, especially back on earth and having a small scar under his slight stubble with pale yet normal skin but having a large bruise on his arm from a previous mission. “Mr. Kogane, I don’t mean to interrupt but-” Chico was cut off by the door hissing open again this time revealing a leaner man(much like a bean pole) in late 20’s, same age around Anya’s father. “Oh, I guess I entered a party then.” The man said, running his hand through his chocolate colored hair. He had light mocha colored skin and dark brown eyes as he did originate from Cuba although he didn’t have much of an accent which Chico inherited his father’s skin tone. Chico and ‘Mr. Kogane’ both gave a slight huff. “Well, Lance, it would’ve been a better party without you ‘round here.” The half-galra half-human shot at the Cuban, “Well good morning to you too, Keith.” Replied Lance, yawning while lightly punching the other male, stretching a bit. “Wait, it’s morning?” Chico and Anya said in union, both shooting up from their seats on the floor. Lance smirked and laughed slightly. “It’s only two a.m. kiddos.” He laughed again then a sly grin spread across his face. “So, what were you

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