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It had been an ordinary week for the two boys Calvin and Albert they had completed their rigorous baseball training practice, gone to their triweekly piano lessons, and had gotten through 4 books. Nothing that was new to them since they had grown up like this, they had been designed to be able to handle this intensity, for if not they would’ve been sent back to the manufacturer.
Calvin was always very fond of his family and his younger brother, though he always lagged behind a little. This would irritate him due to the fact that he worked as hard if not harder than his brother in everywhere where they had been designed to excel in. Albert would always get the attention from everyone he encountered in comparison to his brother, especially …show more content…

Soon enough Calvin started having doubts about his own capability and started questioning whether he could really make it past that barrier
“I’m really nervous for the examination tomorrow, I just don’t feel like I can pass it.” Said Calvin with a shaky voice
“Don’t worry we paid for the best engineering money can get when we had you.” Said his parents proudly
“But what if I’m defective?”
“Watch your language!”
And with that, Calvin left and went back to his room. He layed in bed for hours contemplating life, was he ready for this event that would change his life forever? He tried to fight off sleep as he knew that there could be a possibility that he would be getting a lot of it very soon.
As Calvin was about to enter the examination room the next day he gazed at the sky and for the last time he saw the beautiful shades blue with white accents of clouds as birds flew across. He looked straight now as he entered the grey building. After he got settled down the instructor simply stated,
“Do your best, and make our country proud”
After the assessment was terminated the defects were picked out of the crowd and they started calling out names as he sat there with an anxiety that was overwhelming him.
“ Mark, Jennifer, Christopher… Calvin”
And with that his heart sank as he stood up and was escorted to a private room in the back. As he walked in it was like as if he had just walked into a hospital,

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