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It was a cold Paris evening. A man in a dark suit stops in front of the Eiffel tower, takes a breath, whistles and walks to the nearest cafe. The man walked into the cafe, ordered a cappuccino, and sat down. Several minutes later, two other men walk in, order drinks and join the first man.
“Tonight’s the night gentlemen. You all know the rendezvous point? 0100 hours.” The man got up and left the building, leaving his drink unfinished.
The two men left at the table were visibly stunned. They hadn't expected it to be so soon. They'd both thought that there would be several more weeks of careful planning and reconnaissance like with every other job. They watched 7, for that's the only name he gave the two men, slink into the …show more content…

Good luck Gentlemen.”
0115 Hours
Ian snuck into the security room, careful not to make a single noise that would alert the night guards to his presence. He then proceeded to taze each of them in the neck, gag them, and tie them to their chairs. The next thing he did was something he probably shouldn't have done but he took the fire extinguisher off the wall and slammed it into the computer until it started to smoke and spark. Now you may be thinking ‘But Ian just destroyed the security room computer system, why does Mike still have to take out the security systems?’ The various security systems are not run in that room, it was only where night guards would watch the cameras placed throughout the building.
“And Boss thought I couldn’t handle this job.” and then into his walkie-talkie, “You're up Mike.”
Mike's job would not be as simple as Ian’s was. He snuck into the building, being careful not to set off the laser tripwires in every doorway, and went over to the breaker box. In the breaker box, there were switches labeled lights, cameras, and “action” as well as the main reset switch. Now an average thief would just flip the main reset switch but that would be a mistake. At night, turning off the power would send a silent alarm signal straight to police and that was the opposite of what they wanted. So he flipped the “Action” switch to the off position, which disabled the security

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