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It’s weird to separate himself from his job. He doesn’t really like it. Which is probably why he’s stayed single for so long. Well, he has Rebecca, but that’s beside the point. To him Sheriff Romero and Alex Romero are the same person. But even he feels odd discussing Norman, and Jimmy Brennen’s death with her after weeks of “Morning, how are you, fine thanks, yeah it did rain a lot, yeah maybe we’ll get some sun this weekend, no I don’t need anything, thanks, yeah have a good day too.” God, he’s acting like he’s never made small talk before. But he forgets how shrill she can be until she’s at the station, demanding to see her son, talking about lawyering up, and telling him her son is innocent. And though she’s neither guilty nor …show more content…

# There’s a calmness that comes and goes at the Bates Motel, and now it’s calm. He’s not sure for how long. But it’s calm now. It’s like he can sense the chaos that comes and goes, which he probably can. He’s good at his job for a reason. He’s drinking alone the evening he gets a phone call that he knows will disturb the calm. Of fucking course, the semen sample had to match to Norman. Things are not chaotic yet, and honestly, he’s not sure it’ll be a big deal. Norman having sex before Blair Watson means nothing except that Blair Watson had sex with minor. He's getting his morning coffee in the motel office. Norman’s in the office with him and he feels the chaos coming. # He wouldn’t even bring it up if he hadn’t heard about Norman going to Blair Watsons grave as frequently as he did. He understands the kid was grieving. But high school kids that have sex with their teachers right before they were murdered don’t grieve for four months. Or at least he assumes so, he's never been in that boat. The situation is just too odd to ignore. He decides not to do anything until he asks Norman about it. He’ll judge his reaction and make a decision from there. He’s not sure what his reaction should be. Norman didn’t seem like the kind of high school boy that’d be proud of having sex with a teacher. He figures he’d be embarrassed and ashamed. He understands keeping it quiet, especially because the woman was literally murdered

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