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A well-groomed African-American man in his mid-fifties named ‘Kyle Aldridge’ was working the late 9:00 pm to 5:00 am shift at the local petrol station. He was halfway through his shift having served less than a dozen customers. Then an old angry eyed man approached Kyle. When the old man directly stared at a small skull tattoo on the front of Kyle’s left forearm and then whispered to Kyle, “Your Mum isn’t here to help you.” It sent shivers and Goosebumps up and down Kyle's back. In part, it was the deep-dark tone of the young man’s voice. However, it was the words the man used.
Your Mum isn’t here to help you…
The words seemed so recognizable to Kyle, but it was couched deep, deep in the cubicles of his mind. He couldn’t quite identify …show more content…

However, he didn’t think Canada was the place either. But, he did remember what occurred.
He was just going to rob anything inside the boy’s house. He had a mask and gloves on, and defiantly didn’t want to do what he did. However, the boy had a loving and caring mom, which annoyed and angered Kyle. As he never had a mom and was an orphan in a very abusive family. So, he quickly decided to change what he had planned. Kyle had brought his trustful black Glock nine to the robbery, with that he violently forced the poor mother to tie up her son, and then hit her with the gun over the head as the son while crying watched. After the mom slowly recovered from the concussion, Kyle had gotten bored of her, so he slowly choked her to death. The boy was screaming…., “mum please help!!!” while Kyle approached him. Then he whispered to the sobbing boy. Your mom isn’t here to help you. He defiantly made a mistake by not killing the boy, but he wanted the boy to remember what happened to his loving and caring mother. This wasn’t Kyle’s first murder he had committed, but ultimately got arrested for getting caught with an unregistered gun and from check fraud, not from any of the murders or robberies or beatings that he done. He spent ten years at the Stratford centre of corrections, and when he was released he did odd jobs and low level cons to support himself.
And at that instant his heart started pumping in his chest

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