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“Hurry up, you idiot! If we're late they won't let us in till intermission, and you know Aithusa will be devastated if we miss her part!” Merlin was fussing with his clothes in front of the bedroom mirror, looking horribly uncomfortable in the suit Arthur had ordered for him. “I know, I know,” he said in a huff of exasperation, fiddling with his tie before trying to get his jacket to sit properly on his shoulders. “But we wouldn't actually tell her we'd missed it. It's not like we haven't seen her practice a hundred times. And with all the kids in their mice costumes you can't tell who is who anyway. I tried to give Aithusa a high five after the dress rehearsal, but it was Kara, staring at me with such a frightened look you'd have thought …show more content…

Aithusa had seen videos of them in their pointe shoes and tutus, dancing with the “handsome pwince” and couldn't wait to be just like her aunties. Arthur sometimes worried that she'd become too much like her aunties, who while beautiful, were cunning and manipulative and got whatever they wanted. At least Aithusa didn't share any Pendragon DNA, having been a foundling. Merlin had pulled her out of a garbage can on a snowy Christmas morning, a tiny bundle with wispy silver hair and angry red cheeks, screaming as loudly as her baby lungs could manage. Which wasn't loud at all, but Merlin had always been uncommonly perceptive. He later said it felt like she had been calling just for him and he had known exactly where to find her. It had taken awhile before Merlin and Arthur had been allowed to officially adopt Aithusa. There were a lot of hoops to jump through. Her original parents had to be searched for (but were never found). Then Arthur and Merlin had to prove they'd be competent parents. Just because Merlin had found her, he didn't get automatic first dibs. But they worked to convince the authorities, and around the time Aithusa was six months old, they were allowed to bring her home. She had had them wrapped around her little finger ever since. Arthur finally got Merlin into the car and headed to the Camelot High School Auditorium. He knew the way well. Parents were required to volunteer

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