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It has been a long 2 years for me. After Johnny and Dally died, nothing has been the same in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I guess I was right, we could get along without anybody but Johnny. The whole gang began getting in arguments about every little thing. That caused the gang to part ways. Steve and Sodapop found a better job that they could both work at in Oklahoma City a few months ago. Two-Bit just left town one day after one of the arguments and we haven’t seen him since. Darry is the only thing in this town that hasn’t changed. He still is a roofer and pays the taxes and bills. Cherry kept trying to talk to us greaser but I was the only one who actually talked to her. She stopped talking to me after a few months anyway. She went off to college…show more content…
“Come on Pony, don’t cry. We’ll be together again soon.” I said my last goodbye and I got on the plane. I couldn’t tell you much about the plane ride because once I got on, I fell right asleep. When I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the plane, I had two things on my mind: where Florida State University is and a ride there. I managed to get taxi and that solved my issues. The second the taxi driver pulled into the college, I was aghast. The building was huge and there were kids runnin’ around everywhere. I started walking in when all of a sudden someone grabbed me. “This is no place for you, Greaser.” said a tall man wearing a madras shirt and khaki pants. I thought to myself, please not here. I wanted to be known as a regular person now, not just a greaser. All of a sudden I heard an awful familiar voice. “Get your hands off him!” I looked behind me and Cherry was standing right there. “What are you gonna do about it” said the man sarcastically. “I’ll go tell the administration that you started a fight on school ground” replied Cherry At that moment to my surprise, the man set me down and walked away. Cherry stood there starring at me for a minute or two without out saying anything. “Thanks Cherry” I said in an unsteady voice. “Your welcome Ponyboy. I didn’t know you go here” “Yeah. I got a scholarship her for runnin’. They want me to be on their track team.” “Well that's wonderful Ponyboy.” Me and Cherry started talking as I went to go
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